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Is loneliness a price of modern life?

Written by Prof. Pernille Kløeverpris

“How are you?”

We hear this question ALL the time, and we all know the unspoken rule for a quick positive reply.

What do you think would happen if we were allowed to give a true answer? How many would then say ‘fine’ or ‘good?’

The truth is that a lot of people are struggling with their lives today; juggling the increasing demands and expectations, and then there is this whole idea of perfection. Perfection to look good for social media, ‘living their best life,’ being the best at work – the list goes on. Very often those people are suffering in silence, fighting a battle on their own.

Is loneliness the price of modern life?

With friends counted in hundreds, including those on social media, it might seem weird to talk about loneliness, but new studies reveal that loneliness affects almost half of adult Americans and the same tendency shows also in our part of the world.

Cooperation breakdown

As humans, we are wired to connect. Evolution has taught us the importance of cooperation and trust and one of the best predictors of a healthy mind and happiness is strong social ties, so the increasing numbers of people expressing feelings of loneliness are quite worrying.

But what is causing this cooperation breakdown? Well, first of all, we can take a quick look at our culture and see how individual performance is valued and celebrated over teamwork. Another factor is technology, but also simply the fact that we are organizing and leading our lives more independently now compared with before.

Goodbye to loneliness

Knowing the importance of close relations we need to start updating our social skills, and a great first step is letting go of grudges and be more appreciative towards people in your life, that will aspire for stronger relations and for more happiness.

Wellbeing is something we grow

Imagine we could be better ‘Life Copers.’ Imagine that our mental health could be developed and strengthened in such a way, that we could handle life as it is. And imagine we could actually feel happier.

The great news is, this is not just wishful thinking! We can actually cultivate a stronger and healthier mind, build resilience and prevent mental diseases as well.


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