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Wellness Wisdom with Dr Suresh Vassen: The Healing Secrets of Nature’s Biorhythms


The quest for living the longest, happiest and healthiest life has fascinated humans from the dawn of our history and continues today with emerging longevity treatments to reverse aging.  

New research suggests that we are more affected by the moon cycles than we think.

In birds, the natural flow of cortisol during the day and melatonin at night completely disappears during the full moon. In fish, the moon regulates reproductive cycles. And in insects, similar reproductive hormones are tied to the cycles of the moon. In humans, the cycles of the moon regulate reproduction, menstruation, fertility, and birth rate, as well as correlate to crime, accidents, and hospital visit rates. 

According to ancient health science, a substance called soma is considered the “nectar of immortality” and is considered a subtle essence of the moon energy. Soma is produced through deep meditative and yogic practices and provides deep physical rejuvenation, access to higher states of consciousness, and levels of expanding lifespan and healthspan. Through the practices of yoga, breathing, and meditation, you can create soma. It is produced and stored in the cerebrospinal fluid of the brain. 

It is the cerebral spinal fluid that washes and nourishes the brain with nutrients and empties its waste into the brains glymphatic system. In, fact, three pounds of toxic material is dumped out of the brains gymphatic system each year during sleep. 

Researchers have now linked congestion in the brain’s lymphatic system to a host of health concerns, including anxiety, depression, cognitive decline and inflammation. The lymphatics also record emotions, traumas, and impression in the white matter of your brain. Such recordings often lock us into old unwanted and repetitive behaviours. Restoring the free flow of lymph, particularly with specific nasal pranayama techniques, is key to our emotional freedom. 

Maintaining optimal levels soma in your brain depends on optimal the function of your brain’ glymphatic system, which will enhance contentment, peace, happiness, calm, composure, forgiveness, and devotion. 

Have you made pranayama practice an essential and vital part of your daily health routine?  

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