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Why do you need an intuitive healing session?

If you can feel it, it’s real. 

We feel the tension in our bodies and so often look for external reasons why the shoulders are hurting, the neck is stiff, the sinuses are inflamed again.  Absolutely, long hours on a desk hunched over a computer never helped improve anyones’ posture.  However, as feeling animals the body has an emotional language all its own. 

The body expands and contracts to meet you where you are at emotionally.  Let that sink in. 

The body adapts not only to our physical environment but also to the energetic one.  It expands: we put on a bit more weight whenever we feel the need to shield ourselves from a triggering, possibly dangerous situation.  We lose our appetite and the body dries up when our lust for life is dimmed and we feel depressed, want to shrink into ourselves.  We puff our chest out, our pupils dilate and our lips flush when we feel attraction.  Our stomach flutters with excitement. 

These are well-described physical manifestations of our emotions, and there are much deeper hidden in our bodies.  When we feel ill or unwell it is an exclamation mark, a pointer to something we are ignoring.  Sometimes it is in the recent timeline, sometimes it is old trauma being unveiled.  Energy work is not bound to space or time. It can be applied remotely and it can heal ancient wounds. 

Sometimes we carry patterns of shame and grief from our ancestors, in our cellular makeup and need assistance releasing them. Our whole body is malleable, adaptable, incredibly resilient, and keeps track of every single experience. 

During intuitive energy healing, the facilitator enters the energetic space of the person and searches for blockages.  These can be released through the laying of hands, breathwork, presence, or through the lending of their own physical bodies.  The facilitator is able to feel and release for the person, allowing for full expression of what they were incapable of.  Some trauma simply sits too deeply for the conscious mind to accept while it is happening.  This does not mean that there isn’t a record in the physical, energetic, emotional, or spiritual body.  This record sits like a scar blocking the free flow of energy and growth.   

And just like a scar sometimes it hurts to open it. The facilitator can help you access these in a safe, compassionate, and nurturing environment. The invitation is open to go as deep as you would like. 

The facilitator does not know at the beginning of the session how light or intense the release will be. It is a mutual creation of trust and surrender.  The facilitator sends out a request to the universal force to become a tool and a vessel to hold the receiver’s grief.  To transmute and alchemize the pain in order for it to be released back into the collective all. 

Nothing new is created, only transformed.  An energetic healing session will leave you lighter, prepared to embrace your shadow as part of your being, part of your history which does not mark you as broken but resilient. 

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